Are You Looking For An Investor Friendly Realtor?

Becoming a real estate investor is much more feasible than most people think. There’s no question that real estate investing comes with risk, like any investment. But with risk can come reward, and real estate has that in spades.

So whats the first step?

Finding  an investor friendly real estate agent............but first what is an investor friendly real estate agent?

What is their make up? What makes them different from traditional real estate agents?

 As a traditional real estate agent, I understand what retail buyers are looking for.  I understand the market trends in specific neighborhoods in which retail buyers are shopping and buying. I know what sellers need to do in order to renovate their properties to sell in a traditional market for fair market value.

But as an investor friendly real estate agent, I do the complete opposite. I rely on my experience in looking at unconventional properties. I find properties that meet the investors goal and definitely not at retail prices. 


With traditional clients, I often work with them for 30-90 days, find them a house, write a contract, get them to closing, and in some cases that's the end of it. When working with an investor this becomes a long term relationship.

Let’s look at the breakdown shall we?

This isn’t your typical white picket fence 1.5 baths with gleaming hardwood floors. This is sitting down with the investor and understanding their long or short term investing goals. It’s understanding how the investor can get a serious return on his or her money. Either over a long period of time or a short period of time, depending on the investing strategy and desired outcome of the investor.  My goal is to become your go to agent.  I understand your processes, deals, and needs. 


As an investor friendly real estate agent I understand the strategies that the typical investor uses.

-Invest in properties to buy & hold for retirement; building his or her portfolio over time

-Buy the property and then rehab it then sell it at retail value to make a huge profit

And some investors are comfortable with both strategies depending on the property and the neighborhood. These are very important things for me to know because investors do not buy properties at retail price, they look for properties that are deeply discounted, in poor condition or only need of minimal cosmetic work.  


The bottom line is that all real estate agents need to understand the market. But the market is different for investment properties. I understand which market is good for which investment strategy. For example, some neighborhoods aren’t good for a buy & hold investor and some markets aren’t good for that investor that wants to rehab and sell at retail value. This is very important as it could mean a serious loss or a serious gain for the investor.


 I live and breathe these numbers. I understand them inside and out, top to bottom, period! The numbers are what either makes a deal or kills a deal. The numbers are what helps me understand which strategy to use to better educate my investor. What are the numbers you ask? As an investor friendly agent I understand how to calculate the cap rate of a residential property, the pro forma on a commercial property and so much more.

Final Note

As an investor it’s important that you as well understand much of this terminology yourself. This not only allows you to do your due diligence but it helps you develop a better relationship with me as your agent. It’s important that you understand more than the basics. This way if I present you with a deal you can be sure to say that deal doesn’t work or that deal is pretty awesome!

Ready, Set, Invest!

Give me a call at 410.905.1446 to get started. 

Happy Investing!

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