Heroes Helping Heroes

Integrity First
Service Before Self
...... and Commitment In All We Do 
Those Core Values still embody everything that I do and my Veteran Lenders
and I are happy to support our fellow Veterans.
Together, the Lender and I are offering a $2000.00  credit for active duty, reserve, and veteran home buyers and sellers* from all branches of the Armed Forces. Are you a member that's ready to use VA loans but your not sure where to start?
Here are a few easy steps to a VA -Guaranteed Home Loan:
1) Apply online for the Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) at www.ebenefits.va.gov (or ask your lender to apply)
2) Give me a call and I'll connect you with the Lender. 
3) The Lender will help you complete the loan application and provide you with a loan approval letter. 
4) I'll take you to view homes and write your contract for the home that you love. 
5) Get a ratified contract.
6) The lender will order a VA home loan appraisal.
7) As long as the property appraises and meets VA's minimum property requirements, you'll be headed to closing
8) Close on your new property.  
1) Do I have to use a VA loan or can I use conventional or FHA financing and still receive the $2000 credit?
I guarantee $1000 for Heroes no matter the loan type. As of now the lender is only guaranteeing $1000 on VA loans. 
2) What are the benefits of using a VA loan?
-No downpayment
-The buyer is informed of the properties reasonable value.
-Negotiable interest rates.
-Limitations on closing cost.
-No mortgage insurance premium.
-Mortgages are assumable. 
-Long amortization terms. 
-Right to repay without penalty.
-Guaranteed warranty on new construction.
-VA assistance to help Veterans that default due to temporary financial difficulty. 
2) How does the $2000 credit help?
VA Loans require $0.00 for the down payment but still have a closing cost that amount to roughly 4%-4.5%. My buyers ALWAYS get a 3+% credit fromm the property seller to offset their out of pocket cost. With the additional $2000.00 most VA buyers walk away from the closing table with a check of $1000 or more. Use that check towards your first mortgage, to buy furniture, a day trip, or anything else you'd like. 
Are you ready to use your VA loan eligibility. Contact me anytime. 

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